The All-On-4® Treatment Concept technique utilizes our CT scan technology to maximize the amount of direct bone integration to the immediately placed implants.

How can implants be placed and teeth be delivered the same day as the extraction of teeth?

With CBCT scan technology in our office, we can digitally plan and place implants into a patient’s existing bone. Some implants are designed to be placed at angles to avoid vital structures like nerves and sinuses.

We attempt to place implants in bone without expensive bone grafting or sinus lifting, if possible. Since bone grafting is typically not needed, implants are more predictable. Usually four to six implants in each arch are placed to support your replacement teeth.

In many cases, a new set of teeth (that are screw-retained onto the dental implants) are inserted on the same visit as the implant surgery – teeth in the same day!

Can any surgical team competently do these procedures?

A dental team you trust to plan and maintain your new implant-supported teeth is vital to long term success. Our team approach brings your restorative dentist, dental laboratory, and surgeon together for a predictable result.

What is the final result like?

A temporary screwed-in prosthesis is attached onto the implants placed that same day. The prosthesis effectively splints the implants together for cross-arch strength. During the implant integration period of 4-6 months, a stable provisional prosthesis is left as the tissues are settling. A final prosthesis, either made from a milled titanium framework or zirconium bridge is fabricated by the restorative dentist.