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24 Jun
The Perio Report - Incidental CBCT findings by dr. christopher walker

The Perio Report – Incidental CBCT findings

However, a CBCT scan, or Cone-Beam, is the imaging technology utilized by dental specialists because it has the ability to scan the entire face, from the chin up to the nasal cavity, to identify hidden infections. Dr. Christopher Walker uses CBCT scans frequently to ensure all his patients receive adequate treatment. Keep reading for an in-depth and clinical look at how we have identified infections missed by the traditional x-rays.

25 Nov
dental implants san antonio

What are dental implants?

Today, dental implants are the standard of care for patients seeking to replace one or more missing teeth in San Antonio, TX. An implant is a threaded, metal or ceramic post that is surgically placed in the jaw bone to substitute the root structure of a missing tooth.

26 Aug
Tooth Sensitivity and gum grafting

Tooth Sensitivity from Gum Recession

Having tooth sensitivity is painful. Many times patients experience this when they have gum recession. Dr. Christopher Walker of the Alamo Heights Implant Center discusses the causes and the solution to fixing your tooth sensitivity issues with tissue grafting, or gum grafting.

29 Jul
Alamo Heights Implant Center

What services do you provide?

Our name may be "Alamo Heights Implant Center" but we provide so much more than just dental implants. Periodontists are specialists of the gums. Dr. Christopher Walker provides a multitude of periodontal services.

24 Jul
Sedation dentistry San antonio

Sedation for dental anxiety

Patients have dental anxiety whenever undergoing dental work, especially at the periodontist. Our San Antonio dental implant center has oral and IV sedation to relax our patients and make them comfortable in a calming dental environment.